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    Product Rendering + Animation

    Great for Product Conceptualization, Presentations, Marketing and Crowd Funding

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    W-D 40 Bike Campaign 3d to 2d graphics

    Solidworks 3d Modeling is powerful enough to deliver 2d graphics for complex drawings adapted for Illustrator

  • Kyle Cunniff Industrial Design Denver

    Smart Concept Development with Sharp Visuals

    Knowing what your product looks like from an early stage can help streamline the development process.

  • Design Sharpener Industrial Design Denver

    Solidworks 3d Modeling

    Easily transfer file types factories can use to produce your product

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    Lets begin!

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World Class Design At Your Finger Tips


Design Sharpener is a product design firm with a strong mechanical aptitude and a well rounded skill set. Our work features a variety of successful products ranging from consumer goods, product rendering and screen printed apparel, to fully custom marketing merchandise. With Sharp you can count on the research, strategy, and expertise it takes to create an engaging, unique, and inspiring product that is memorable and engaging.

When you choose Design Sharpener for your product design needs you have the diversity of our portfolio that comes along with it. It keeps our ideas fresh and our minds open in the ever changing market place where good design is mandatory to get ahead. We offer services to get your idea off the ground and create product marketing material to sell your idea.

Not only is Design Sharp not big business, we’re small and successful. When you sign on with us you’ll have our attention from the get go til your product hits the shelves and is winning awards.

Great products do not happen by chance. Design Sharpener’s brand is where art and invention merge. We create must-have products and mouth watering renderings. Our primary focus is creating unique, strong experiences through solid partnerships with our clients, from planning and strategy, creative concepts, and perfect execution.

Chances are, whether you are starting a new project or re-inventing another, we can help inspire you to take the next step, simply get in touch!

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